A black Dymo-type label for Birnes.com. An art piece showing books turning back into petrifeid wood.

☕ A progress report from behind the scenes here at Birnes.com ☕

A pattern is emerging. I am building a new company -- call it birnes.com for want of a better name. I am the only employee, except for Bill. Bill is a wild card, whatever that means. I will learn how to use that function once and for all and soon enough in one of the Unix lessions at lynda.com.

Things I am learning, so that I can build the biz with them:

... and this is getting boring. There's more stuff I'm playing with on the periphery: ☕ Shoes4 (perhaps written in lower-case, with no hyphens and with _ instead), the glorious TextExpander (home of all the cute symbols like ☕ and 🍄), and the ubiquitous nvAlt.

This is a ton of fun for an English major who has basically reached the edge with what I'm willing to learn, grammar-wise. There's no use in defending a crumbling outcropping any more and the bodies are piling up as I write. The blows from thumb-typers are just too relenting.

😄 lol 😄

The smart kids are building rafts of sanity made up of rules that should work in any competent browser so that we can all can float on the gently changing and waving seas of the internets. Word-processing is a thing of the past and text-editing is the new orange. My most beloved program of the moment is Sublime Text, Build 3059. I love it more than Omm, which was basically a bad guy from a disco that you sort of want to forget that you ever liked. What was I thinking?

Until a month or so ago, I was tied up with various programs that I had to use in order to stay in business. If you don't invest in Adobe, most printers will not invest in you. And so it goes ...

Brain in jar animation. Very cute.... get your spinning beachballs all going at once and take another coffee break while you wait -- as long as you have money to pay for renting space and programs by the month, plus lessons and conferences and newsletters and specialized help-lines.

One by one, the ties are loosening and I am beginning to actually like coming to work now. It's freaky Friday on Tuesdays, Monday Monday on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday is now Monday, and so on. We make it up as we go, depending on when you've caught on that Future Theater used to be on Saturday evenings at 6 pm and we all got used to that and now it's all changed around.

The days are rolling like marbles in the schoolyard dirt, changing color, changing place, changing patterns. Today is Tuesday, but since we just did our show last night, it feels like Sunday no matter what I do.

And it was a displacing show, if ever there was one. Listen and come back.

I'll still be here, connecting all the links above, one by one, should you choose to partake. And making new links all the time. I'm a link-maker, basically.

A drawing of a man making or un-making a knot. It's hard to say whether he's trying to unknot an older drier piece of rope. That might be it. We only see his fists, and not his face. He might be grimacing.

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