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⚡ September 19, 2013

Hammering Out the Yammering Sounds of Worry 🏭

An E made of iron. Get it?

An E made of iron. Get it?

E, as in a photo of an iron letter E. Letting that sink in, am I. I’ll just leave this here. Working on many things at once, and trying to learn it all, fast. A short list:

Learning by doing.

I can't help but notice
how much like poetry this coding could become.
Deep, convoluted nesting;
gradients fading from misty rose to lemon chiffon.
The computer already knows
the difference between i and em and
the difference between class and id. Too deep
for humans to comprehend.
And this color?
It's named after a little girl who died. She loved the color purple. That's too deep
for computers to comprehend.
For now. 🐔