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⚑ March 12, 2014

The Snow is Receding πŸ€

A bit of early Spring in the form of snowdrops peeping through a brown leaf blanket.

A bit of early Spring in the form of snowdrops peeping through a brown leaf blanket.

I was outside for a little bit today, tidying up, and oh but it was invigorating and brisk in such a pretty way. Deep-breathtarians rejoice. I went outside. I represent all the inside snail-people, and I survived.

Now, I’m safely back inside, back to indecisiveness and back to breathing tamed and boxed air and plotting course outlines on my lap-top.

The deepest parts of winter leave no room for doubt. Stay inside and keep as warm as you possibly can within reason. But if the sun warms your yard to 60 degrees, you sort of should meander outside, just out of respect. Put your hands in your pockets and watch nothing but your feet sink into the new mud, and you will still feel better than if you stayed on the couch.

Still, this site must be built and so forth. The most pressing problem is too technical to worry it out here, and it involves blog software vs. a change in the front page. I’m basically going to resurrect my dormant blog. It has been on hiatus since the last time I quit my own life and got a real job. That real job is over now, as I noted in my last post, so what the heck. Re-animate Perforated Lines! Put Pepys 2000 back in the incubator. Maybe change bulbs at Filament Books and get the place humming again.

I have a huge amount of intellectual real estate requiring immediate and long-term care for it to thrive into my old age. The radio show called Future Theater is humming along, bringing me joy and new friends every single Monday evening at 8 pm.

Thus, the warm afterglow on Tuesdays. I’m putting lots of links in here because I consider it a sort of promises-to-keep moment, and if I do a good-enough job, I won’t have to quit ever again. That would be a relief. Maybe then the nightmares about secret rooms with angry wallpaper will stop.

*Why the asterisk, you might ask.

It may seem as if I’m going off in a hundred directions at once, but in reality, I’m using the links as both placeholders as well as previews of other parts of the empire. You see, I’m just making live pages on the web instead of working on pages in the privacy of my hard drive until I have assembled enough of them to make another issue of another publication.

Now, instead of going silent for long stretches, I’m working on all the live sites at once, building them out and linking them up, one after the other, and it is just like watching the pasta being made. Rather than sausage, which would just be nasty. πŸ”