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āš” May 17, 2014

So Much To Do. Always. šŸ°

A photo of Snoop Lion dressed not as a dog, but as a bunny.

A photo of Snoop Lion dressed not as a dog, but as a bunny.

I wish I could balance all the parts of my life so that my current enthusiasms would not burn down my past projects, as if those projects were made of nothing more than flimsies and balsa whims.

As I write these words on a sunny Saturday with the sound of lawn mowers working away in the warm open-windowed background, a wild turkey just walked across my hard-won gardens. Just walked straight across, head bobbing, as if it lives here too.

So, the outside calls and I have been answering it. Thus, no writing here on the website. I have built a potting space for myself on the east side of the Hut, and it calls to me now and I answer it instead of writing here at the website. I love all these things.

A few more days have rushed by, and now it is June. What if all the crazy people are right and time is actually speeding up? What if the poles are going to switch? We just have to keep on hanging on.

In other words, Iā€™m sure music will save the day, so hit that button and slide down the memory hole back to the early 1960s, when the music was cool and smooth and really just the right sound for floating on that ferry boat to a new place that I am describing, in this entry on Keto Bingo. Float on. šŸ”