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⚑ June 30, 2017

Columbo and Beyond πŸ”

Cover of Beyond Columbo.

Cover of Beyond Columbo.

I am back in the hut! In the Happy Hippy Hut, albeit the black mold. I’ve seen black mold before, and it doesn’t really scare me. I will spray it with bleach eventually, and even more eventually, I will get it removed and a nice fireplace wall will be erected in its place.

It doesβ€”as is so often the caseβ€”depend on money. So, I am back to work making ebooks and even their print companions, should the power go out forever. I worry more about that than black mold, if you want to know the truth. And if you don’t want to know the truth, you should scurry along and look for a nice homogenized blend of a website, flavored to your actual political bent. Hand-rolled and human-maintained sites like this are out there, and with some minimal effort I hope to find others.

And just when I thought I couldn’t love any program more than Vellum, along comes Hype (again) in my life. It’s the natural evolution from HyperCard, with the added aggita of Macromedia Director thrown right in. This sort of esoteric deep dive would only amuse the oldest of the graphical and writerly among us. If you ever worked in HyperCard, you were basically ruined for the rest of computing because it would never be that good again for the simple user who types words into a computer. HyperCard helped you make things for your world that you could use, and it was easy. I have entire novels created behind alphabetical card-catalogs and such. With Hype, I can bring those stacks back to the future, and maybe even beyond.

Who knows? I worry about the grid going out and literally erasing nearly forty years of work. Science fiction and conspiracy writers of both stripes have all described losing our electrical teat, and we’ve even published a couple of great reads on that topic by actual experts: Space Wars and Counter Space.

So, now that I’m back in the hut to arrest the mold, I can see clearly what I must do: Print everything out, keep it out of the rain and the leaking of the roofs, and basically let the rest of the world go by. On the other hand, I’m really thinking our new roof should be a solar one. Why the heck not? Might there be a government incentive in a year or so? Might there still be a government in a month?

Only the Black Mold knows; and it grows. πŸ”