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⚑ November 7, 2017

Happy Voting Day 🍰

One citizen, one vote.

One citizen, one vote.

Today is a rainy day, a Tuesday, a birthday. It’s also a voting day in many parts of the country, and my beloved husband was able to vote for himself in a real election, for the first time, ever. That’s pretty cool. He’s pretty cool.

I can’t say that the voting booth gave me much hope or confidence this election. The levers have given way to shiny buttons, with a handy big blue one if you wanted to vote for a straight Democratic ticket. Once you’ve pressed your buttons the board goes dead. That’s it. No receipt, no thanks, no worries. Next, you go home and watch the results on TV, and if it’s anything like last year … well, no. Nothing could ever be as distressing as last year. πŸ”