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⚑ November 8, 2017

Ersatz Is All We Have πŸ’

An Elvis impersonator. Don't mind the hair.

An Elvis impersonator. Don't mind the hair.

What a difference a day makes! After dragging through the playlet that voting seemed to be, trudging along, head down in the rain … and then hiding from the results until Twitter told me it was safe to look … well, what a great feeling. My side won. The other side lost. I continue to know that a small portion of our population sees a different monster approaching and a different hero on the horizon. Math tells us that it’s about 25 per cent of the U.S. population at most; experience shows me that a few friends and acquaintances are in that penned-in pen.

We’re all sheeple in penned-in pens, of course, shouting across to each other about the pending storm. I have tried to see the world from the other side. I have even tried to watch our president speak without any letting any preconceived notions of douches I have known color the picture. I pretend he’s like an Elvis impersonator of the Vegas era, and he knows his Liberace hair isn’t fooling anyone, but it’s comforting to wear, and we let him have the fiction because we all loved Elvis. And then I try to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he’s just the most lame kind of guy there is, a guy to be pitied. Not a douche; just a dummy. Maybe it will be all right. Maybe he’s just not my taste in a person, but he’s trying his best and he’s got good intentions.

But, but but but. But what about Atlantic City? You can’t be this president without being that Donald Trump. Those of us who bore witness every single day in that era know the truth. An aging casino owner dresses up like Vegas Elvis. And we’re all over-paying for the show. πŸ”