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July: lanterns swinging

July 1999



01. The first story of the month.

02. Sink and swim and sink.

03. Goodby, Sam.

04. Baby bloomers blow up.

05. Little birdies, on my sill ...

06. Come in, come in!

07. Or ... wait your turn?

08. All bloody, but rilly rilly happy!

09. A list to remember.

10. Wow, that was a deep hole.

11. This is your brain on eBay.

12. All fired up.

13. Drowning in six inches.

14. It's a sign.

15. Lookit them jugs.

16. Notre Dame rules.

17. No news is no news.

18. Do-lang, do-lang.

19. One of the good guys.

20. I'll see it when I know it.

21. One entire month online.

22. What's for dinner?

23. The truth is up there.

24. Let 'er drip.

25. Do a little dance.

26. It's all in my mind.

27. A light lunch.

28. Get on down to Funkytown.

29. Between the moon and a better place.

30. Pretty old woman.

31. Animal carpet wall to wall.



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