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parents strolling

-- August 1999 --



01. You have already won!

02. Why ideas can't be copyrighted.

03. Who asked for it?

04. Cereal killers.

05. Books and their cover stories.

06. Let's hear it for the Men.

007. What's your name?

08. Pennies from heaven.

09. All play, all the time.

10. Clap if you believe in science.

11. Here comes the sun.

12. Dream weavers.

13. Friday. Wooooo.

14. Cute pile of cat.

15. A love story.

16. A Foolish story, part one.

17. There is nothing like a game.

18. Intro to the Thump

19. The young and the feckless.

20. Curses!

21. Celebration! Jubilation!

22. Jerks in training.

23. The girls in their summer backpacks.

24. West Side Apology.

25. The best things in life.

26. Oh, momma!

27. I know who won.

28. The rudeness of strangers.

29. I believe for every drop of rain that falls ...

30. ... a flower grows!

31. A place for everything.


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