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-- September 1999 --



01. A fabulous new contest.

02. Only in dreams.

03. A life on the street.

04. A whole lot of stuff.

05. Now, at least it's in piles.

06. Wanna buy a bug?

07. Clean and stupid.

08. Soft and pure and full of goo.

09. My most precious day.

10. Who said that? Who?

11. Days of wine and honey.

12. A loaf of bread and TV.

13. Arrest my heart, why don't you?

14. I've lost the beat.

15. I've found it on the street.

16. How to be white.

17. How to be fast.

18. It's a broad, and she's hot.

19. Yes, it's a banana. A big banana.

20. What was I thinking?

21. It's so easy painting green.

22. And now I can show you.

23. Don't forget the string.

24. Mein kopf.

25. Swing low and wide.

26. A boy and his slog.

27. Every step we take.

28. Puttin' on the ritz.

29. The youngest one in curls.

30. It's the end, and it's not loose.


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