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(he really *is* heavy)

-- October 1999 --



01. Uncle Milty's ant circus.

02. Party!

03. A glass of wine, a loaf of bread, and wow.

04. I'm flooded with happiness.

05. Surface tensions.

06. Why look! It's Gal Friday.

07. Raw, pathetic begging is so small.

08. It's worth these thousand words.

09. Thou should read this page.

10. A candle for the lives gone away.

11. This is a dog-eat-dog entry.

12. This is a lovely ghost story.

13. Aw, shucks!

14. Don't put off 'till tomorrow ...

15. If I could save time in a box ...

16. earthquake!

17. California dreaming.

18. Where men have gone before.

19. Everything from a to e.

20. Nobody hears but us.

21. Four solid months online!

22. Inching toward November.

23. Aliens, and the people who love them.

24. This is my brain on hold.

25. I told you I would write.


27. It's all in my mind.

28. You know what?

29. Masks. We all wear.

30. Party like it's 1999.

31. Hollow weenies.







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