we all get old eventually. 

moldy oldy book
My current stack
on the bedside table.
Here's what to do about it: read on.

I have thousands and thousands of books of my own. They are organized by topic, and then alphabetized within the topics. Hundreds of topics, from science fiction to philosophy, medieval literature to self-help, Cooking with Campbell's Soup to Nutshell News -- if it's bound, I'm bound to shelve it.

I don't favor hardcover over paperbacks, nor do I search out brand new or first editions over the old and moldy. As long as there are words, glorious words, I've got a place for it. Particularly if people are throwing them out and leaving them on the sidewalk -- they can come live with me.

You can never have enough books.

"When I get a little money I buy books; if any is left I buy food and clothes." -- Erasmus

Having trouble getting to sleep? Here's a handy tip: remember when you were in high school and you couldn't stay awake while studying ... say, history? Or earth science? Get one of those books: a nice thick Compendium of the Confederacy or The Marvels of Mud and prop up your pillows, turn on your Itty Bitty and carefully start in on the first page. The acknowledgments, the intro ... what? Getting sleepy already? That's where bookmarks come in. See you tomorrow night.

Here are some new ways to find favorite used books:

amazon logo

First, of course, you want to go to Amazon. Nothing could be more fun than the one-click button, which is my favorite thing and the real reason I like to order from Amazon. It gives you a weird sense of power and terror -- just like a big red button on the president's desk that's marked "Don't Touch!" -- I just can't resist pressing the one-click button and suddenly an entire chain of events is loosed and another (and another) book will soon be tossed over the wall.

If I had unlimited money, I'd never stop: I'd order books day and night and I wouldn't be able to concentrate because of the incessant sound of them thudding against the front door. New friends knocking. New ideas arriving, old friends returning; self-help is finally on the way.

See? I mean it literally. The cure for old age worries, no matter what they are, is to read on. And on and on.

If Amazon doesn't have your book, you can try any one of these comprehensive collections of out-of-print (like mine), forgotten (mine), but still quite wonderful books.

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Advanced Book Exchange

Common Reader


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