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The Pro's (in alphabetical order) are:

Chuck Atkins

Nancy Hayfield Birnes

Toni Causey


Neile Graham

Invisible Girl


Joan Lansberry


Meg M.

Lisa Nichols

Debbie Ridpath Ohi

Sandra Mizumoto Posey

Mike Reed

Rachel Rein

Jack Saunders


Lydia Swartz

James Valvis

writer: James Valvis

journal name: Nothing, by God (anthology ended)

begun: June 15, 1998


Marriage (poems), PDR Press, 1994.
Big White Splotch (poems), Avant Garden Press, 1997.
The Winters in Jersey (stories), Mt Aukum Press, 1999.



The Tower (Stars & Stripes); Fort Sheridan, IL.

Other Credits:

Sulphur River Literary Review, Chiron Review, Pearl, Misnomer, Wormwood Review, Slipstream, Alpha Beat Press, Sheila-na-gig, Mobius, Experiment in Words, Midwest Quarterly, Penny Dreadful Review, Atom Mind, Long Shot, Abbey, Poetry Motel, Silent Skies, Blank Gun Silencer, Cream City Review, Sundog, Hyacinth House, Shockbox, Nerve Cowboy, Ship of Fools, Shattered Wig, Kumquat, Impetus, Medicinal Purposes, Onionhead, White Sands Review.


First Place, Chiron Review Poetry Contest.
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writer: Toni Causey

journal name: Lagniappe (c'est fini)



I've been a print journalist (newspaper, magazines: features writer) and co-edited a "small" regional magazine for a year (circulation 35,000+), then went on to start breaking into the national market (sold to Mademoiselle & Redbook) before I quit to pursue screenwriting.
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writer: Sandra Mizumoto Posey, Ph.D

journal name: DeNovo/Rebirth

begun: July, 1997


Café Nation: Coffee Divination & Magick. Santa Monica Press. (Forthcoming: 2000).
The Body Art of Brotherhood: Branding in an African American Fraternity (dissertation, UMI) 1999.
Rubber Soul: Rubber Stamps and Correspondence Art, University Press of Mississippi, Folk Art and Artists Series, 1996.

Other print publications:

On a Bed of Rice: An Asian American Erotic Feast. Ed. Geraldine Kudaka. Anchor/Doubleday, 1995.
"Grave & Image: Holiday Grave Decorations in a Southern California Memorial Park." Folklore Forum. Volume 29, No. 1, 1998.

Online publications:

"Profile Makeovers." Match.com. Bi-weekly, August 1997 to present.
Various content. Lycos.com. Generally uncredited; ongoing.
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writer: Joan Lansberry

journal name: Weighty Matters


Odessa Poetry Review, Summer 1986.
Bittersweet, An Eighth CSS Publications Anthology, 1985.
The North American Poetry Review, Green Valley Publishing, 1986.
Rhymes and Reasons, Poetry Press 13th annual anthology.
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writer: Chuck Atkins

journal name: chuck' steak


One produced film: the ultra low-budget,embarassingly bad "Midnight Healing," released direct-to-video by Santelmo Entertainment.
Former sports stringer, Los Angeles Times Valley Edition.
Former correspondent, Foothill Leader (La Canada/Flintridge community newspaper).
Former "Calling Dr. Love" columnist, Pasadena Weekly.
Currently: Out-of-work screenwriter/sitcom writer. Will write for food; would prefer to write for onscreen credit and WGA points.
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writer: Meg M. (journaling pseudonym)

journal name: anyone's any


I am a freelance writer, currently writing regular articles for Real Estate Finance Today in New York. I have had music reviews appear in Entertainment Today Magazine, based in Los Angeles.
My poetry has been published both nationally and internationally, in publications including: Paris/Atlantic, Limestone Circle, L.A. Miscellany, Los Angeles Loyolan & Black Bear Review.
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writer: Rachel Rein

journal name: Rachel's Daily Diary

begun: September, 1997.


How To Encourage Your Child's Gifts and Talents During the Elementary Years, Lowell House 1994, 1999.


First place: The Gathering fiction contest, 1996.
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writer: Mike Reed

journal name: Man about Murfreesboro


Freelance (dead tree) articles for Internet World, Daily News Journal, Sidelines, Dragon, and Blast.

A short play, "Flat" was produced by the Bongo After Hours Theatre in Nashville, Tenn.

Currently I'm a PR flack for Middle Tennessee State University creating thousands of pages of puff pieces on a daily basis.

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writer: Debbie Ridpath Ohi

journal name: Debbie's Blatherings


Several short stories and poems in hardcopy publications; nonfiction articles online.
Editor/publisher of Inkspot, a web resource for writers.



The Writer's Online Marketplace, Writer's Digest Books, Fall, 2000.
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writer: Dreama (journaling pseudonym)

journal name: Regret Nothing, Disavow When Needed


Vegetarian Babies & Children: A How-To Guide for Meat-Free Families, 2001 (forthcoming).
The Pocket Law Guide for Women, 1992.
The Pocket Law Guide for Students, 1992.
Set Apart: Self-Isolation and Clinical Depression in Adolescent Females. (Dissertation, Columbia University, 1987.)
Dark Melodic Voices: African-American Opera Divas Speak (editor, 1984).


I am a former feature columnist for my local community newspaper. I wrote about everything from local politics and police matters to food, entertainment, and the society/seen column.


Master Work: (play); self-produced, 1993.
Crisp: (one-woman play); produced by Trandre Theater, 1996.
Give Me The Sky: a novel available online in serial form, January, 2000.
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writer: Scribe (journaling pseudonym)

journal name: Scribe's Daily Text


I freelanced for my country's national paper, The Star, when I was 17 -- publishing around ten articles. Then, while working as a communication company's writer, I worked on a magazine and wrote most of it -- it's called The High Flyers. Worked as a copywriter, writing a few ads when I was 20 to 21. Just graduated with a degree in Mass Communications (Journalism) and am being considered by two national papers for the post of journalist.
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writer: Invisible Girl (journaling pseudonym)

journal name: Stolen Bits


Errr.. um... well, this threatens my anominity, but:
Portland Family Magazine, Guide, Willamette Week, Straight, Anthem, Oregon Voice, Single Vision.
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writer: Lydia Swartz

journal name: A Pornographer's Diary

10 years as reporter for various community newspapers and magazines, most now defunct.
15 years as editor, sometimes writer, on software documentation and software marketing projects.
Published fiction author, many and various, but including: Anthologies*: The Second Coming (ed. Pat Califia), Women on Women 3, Herotica 2, Herotica 3, Good to Go: Short Stories West Coast Style.
* Also many lesbian BDSM magazines, all now defunct.
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writer: Khava

journal name: Khava's Life

I'm not a professional free-lance writer, though I would like to be. However, I do write for a living. I work as a technical writer for a large corporation (and previously for a tiny start-up).
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ripped writer: Joanne

journal name: Parietal Pericardium


Poetry in The Antigonish Review, Grain, Event, Dandelion, Canadian Literature, and other Canadian lit. journals. I have been paid for some of these. I don't post my poetry on my site ('cause then I couldn't sell it) but I talk about the process of writing a lot and keep a list of poetry markets I like.
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writer: Jack Saunders

journal name: The Daily Bugle


Screed, Vagabond Press, 1981; Three pieces in Black Messiah, Vagabond Press, 1982; Bylined column, Delray Beach News-Journal, 1983; Common Sense, Mixed Breed, 1985; Full Plate, Mixed Breed, 1985; Blue Darter, Mixed Breed, 1985; Lost Writings, Mixed Breed, 1985; "Writing the Great American Novel on the IBM PC," in Bukowski number of Review of Contemporary Fiction, 1985; Evil Genius, Mixed Breed, 1986; Open Book, Mixed Breed, 1986; Column "Saunders' Florida," The Native Sun, 1987; Forty, Popular Reality, 1987; "Henry Miller," in Henry Miller: A Book of Tributes, 1931-1994, Standish Books, 1994; Questions About Henry Miller That No One Ever Asked Me--With Answers, Roger Jackson, 1995; "Anna-ees," in Anaïs Nin: A Book of Mirrors, Sky Blue Press, 1996; Erotic Dreams of an Everyday Househusband, Roger Jackson, 1995; Crossfire, Roger Jackson, 1997 (with Bern Porter); "They Lost Nearly All," in MORE!, 1994-1996, Standish Books, 1997; The Plight of the Creative Artist in America, Roger Jackson, 1997; The Husband of the Writer's Wife, Runaway Spoon Press, 1997; "In Preparation for What Is To Come," an introduction to My Date With Henry Miller, by Crowbar Nestle (writing as Blaster Al Ackerman), Roger Jackson, 1998; Beat Poet 1, Garage Band Books, 1998; "Report on Submission Dated 5-11-99." Roger Jackson, 1999; Seven excerpts from BRENDA'S BIRTHDAY, Garage Band Books, 1999; Three poems in Ragged Lion, a tribute to Jack Micheline. Vagabond Press, 1999; I Only Read It for the Ads, Roger Jackson, 1999.
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 writer: Lisa Nichols

journal name: Till Human Voices Wake Us...


"Starlight, Starbright" for the Dream Pod 9 website.
Under contract to write a supplement sourcebook for the Tribe 8 roleplaying game for Dream Pod 9.
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writer: Neile Graham

journal name: Les Semaines


My publication list has a complete listing, but my credits include:
--three books of poetry: Seven Robins (1983), Spells for Clear Vision (1994), Blood Memory (2000)
--over 100 poems published invarious American and Canadian literary journals and anthologies
--various articles, reviews, essays in magazines and anthologies
--two short stories published in a British magazine
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writer: Nancy Hayfield Birnes

journal name: Perforated Lines

journal begun: June 21, 1999


Cleaning House (fiction) 1980
Cheaper and Better (nonfiction) 1987
McGraw-Hill Programmer's Encyclopedia (editor) 1985
Qwerty's Alphabet Adventure (children's book, game) (1984)
ISS Directory of Overseas Schools (editor) 1982
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