the universal thump

Pass it along.

The web is big and it is wide.

There is an old sailor's legend that says for every knock upside the head and every pat on the back you receive, you should make sure you find the next guy and pass it along. Thus is created a mighty wave of perfect retribution, going 'round and coming 'round and rolling mightily across the living, cognizant surface of the earth.

On this page we will concentrate on the pats.

There are about 2,200 journals alive on the web. Many seem to exist merely as an electronic lure in a cheap, "hey sailor" kind of way. Sirens in flimsy prose abound, flashing their Photoshopworn eyes. Reading some of them can be a rocky experience indeed, if you're not wary. Those sites are not on this list.

Some journals exist merely as a long, lugubrious lament. Shrill, sad, mean, meandering, rude and unschooled and proud of it. They are not on this list. There are no nightmare showoffs of web design here. No freakish screams for attention.

Instead, what you've got, and there's a lot of it, is an amazing collection of writing. Fun and terrifying, silly and thoughtful, odd and heartfelt writing from a personal point of view. And that's only the first journal. The next one is just as rich.

Enjoy! *

* And remember as you sail through the night: This is only the tip of the iceberg. Check the stars for additional routes.

who's counting?


ledger page


The beauties.

Journals (and people) so pretty, you just stop and stare.

Flux Redux *

Scherzi & Sospiri *

The Mind's I

Naked Juice


sticky fingers


The cool young ones.

People who really seem to have it all. Some of them really are better than you. Better get used to it.

Perfect Way

Freak Magnet

reckless sleeper

the credulous jellyfish *

Kristin Thomas


Bad Hair Days

West of the Moon


Pollygloss *

Rachel's Daily Diary



The oldies but goodies.

People with hard-won life experience and the guts to discuss.

Journal of a Writing Man * *

Dirt Road Ramblin'

Coffee Bean Goddess

A Journal of Sorts

Page by Page


Nilknarf News

Another Day

Funny the World

The Silken Tent

The Chattering

Front Page

Areas of Unrest *


People in the middle of a maelstrom.

With kids, and/or cats, dogs, various rodentia and hardly a minute's peace.

Smithereens *



Juggler Jelly Bean

In Medias Res

Stitches in Time * *


journal page



perf page


People who write (or work) for (or almost for) the movies.

A personal favorite. They always know cool stories and how to tell them.

Chuck'stake *

nka *


Thought Experiment

visions and revisions *

plaintive wail *



The quotidians.

A new entry every day, almost. And they're addictive.

The Daily Bleat


Willa's Journal


Nova Notes

Anita's Book of Days


The Mighty Kymm


Angry all the time.

Righteous rage to anguished snits. Fun to read.



randomly ever after



The ones that make you go hmmmm ...

Thoughtful people, full of insight.

Weighty Matters *



I'd Rather Eat Glass

Parietal Pericardium

Sole Proprietor

Artist At Large

Postcards from the Pond

The Chaos Node *


The ones that make you go ha!

A sense of humor. So important.

First Person Particular



anyone's any *

There Have Been Bad Moments

Tomato Nation

The Book of Rob



The ones that make you go wow.

For a variety of reasons.

Late Night Snacks (kibbles)

glassdog.LANCE ARTHR

My Jaded Journey

Lantern Waste




The Zitgeist.

How can people this young be this smart?


Hexadecimal Rainbow

daily dairy 


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